Frequently Asked Questions

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A respondent is a person who has received a payment claim and is liable, or may be liable, to make a payment under a construction contract or for related goods or services.

A claimant is a person who has carried out construction work, or supplied related goods and services, and is or claims to be entitled to a progress claim under a construction contract.

Adjudication also known as “Security of Payment” refers to compulsory rapid adjudication a unique form of statutory dispute resolution that has revolutionised the building and construction industry. The process is designed to be quick, informal and inexpensive. It is proving to be popular in ensuring money continues to flow in the industry quickly and fairly between parties.

A person is eligible to be an adjudicator in relation to a construction contract where they have passed a course of training and have such qualifications, expertise and experience as may be prescribed.

A Payment Claim is a claim for a progress payment under a construction contract. It must identify the construction work or related goods and services and the amount that the Claimant claims to be payable.

A payment schedule is the response served by a respondent to a payment claim. It must identify the payment claim to which it relates and indicate the amount of the payment claim, if any, that the respondent proposes to make.

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